Found a resource, such as a book, video or website you think will have value to other museum educators?

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  1. This special edition of the Journal of Artistic and Creative Education ( JACE) edited by Purnima Ruanglertbutr brings together authors from across Australia discussing issues central to the ongoing development and importance of education within museums. What are the distinctive characteristics and significance of museum education? How does learning occur in museums and what does it look like? Who is engaged in museum education and where does it take place? What are some of the benefits of museum education? This edition explores these broad questions through nine articles that individually address the role of museum learning as providing a transformative experience in a rich, ‘ hands-on’ and diverse environment. The authors present a wide array of case studies and examples from their institutions and their research, providing practical and invigorating discussions on the purpose, pedagogy and practice of museum education.
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