Non MGAE Professional Development

Found a professional development opportunity suitable for museum and gallery educators in Australia?

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Museums Galleries Australia Education do not endorse the following the listed programs.

One response to “Non MGAE Professional Development

  1. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a powerful and exciting student-centred teaching methodology co-developed by cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen and veteran museum educator Philip Yenawine. In monthly (or more) lessons VTS has been proven to strengthen students’ oral communications, literacy and creative and analytical skills among students of all ages. VTS uses facilitated discussion to practice respectful, democratic, collaborative problem-solving among students, which transfers to other classroom interactions and beyond.
    Please see the Incinerator Eventbrite link to see dates for upcoming introductory and experienced VTS professional development workshops with experienced facilitator and trainer Christine Healey. See also


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