About AMaGA Education

The membership and executive committee of the Education Network of AMaGA:

  • supports and advocates formal and informal learning and interpretation as core functions of museums and galleries
  • facilitates the exchange of innovative practice, research and evaluation by its members


  • engage in a regular discussion and exchange of information about current issues concerning learning and interpretation in museums and galleries eg life long learning; inclusivity; school curriculum; links with community; learning styles; authentic learning contexts.
  • organise a challenging and stimulating professional development program for members at the MA national conference
  • increase active participation and membership of state education networks
  • publicise innovative and cutting edge practice
  • initiate project-based interstate exchange programs for members
  • support overseas exchange programs for members in association with ICOM Australia
  • engage in formal and informal dialogue with the other relevant MA national networks to further our aims

Contact: Samantha Rutter

If you have any questions about joining this network or MA please contact the National Office at: info@amaga.org.au 02 6230 0346.

Please note that, in accordance with the Australian Museums and Galleries Australia Constitution and By-Laws, all members of  National Networks must be current members of AMaGA.

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