Tell us what you’re doing…

Hi Museum Educators nationwide – a few updates …and an invitation!

Guest Blog Posts Please!
What amazing programs have you been working on? What successes have you had recently? What spectacular failures have you had, that are worthy of showcasing publicly in the vein of ‘what not to do’? Whatever it is… we want to know!

If you would like to share your project, program, news or ‘new way of doing something’, write a blog post of 150 to 500 words max and send a suitable web-worthy image to sam at (Sam Tidy Rutter, President of AMaGA Education Network) and we will post it here for all to read…this is an open and year long invitation – keep your entries coming, and we will post as they arrive. Please just make sure its grammatically correct and ready to go live (less work for the little monkey inside the computer).

Name Update
Thanks to everyone who filled in our recent survey – we learnt lots of valuable things from you, about how best to connect with you (this newsletter), what you want from the national network (more professional learning), how you feel about the annual MEET day, and what you want to be called. AMaGA Education Network will remain our name, following feedback that you are happy to stay with that moniker to represent our industry.

2020 Conference
Next year, the AMaGA national conference will take place in Canberra 18 – 21 May, 2020. In response to the results of the survey in regards to the annual MEET Day, the committee have decided to have an Education Network Dinner, with a guest speaker during that week, so that we can a) get a little education related professional learning (that doesn’t block out the opportunity to attend the R and R day), and b) socialise!

As a national industry, we really want an opportunity to get to know one another and talk shop. Many of you will have submitted conference proposals, and we will enjoy education programming being on the national conference stage like in 2019 (your No 1 preference from the survey) – however, a little shindig of our own will help put faces to names, and allow us to share in some wonderful idea generation. More to come.

I hope the 47 participants of the recent Education Network Webinar enjoyed the content and came away with some good takeaways to the question – what makes a great education resource?’. Thank you to Stuart Baines, Assistant Director, Community Engagement at the National Library of Australia, Alex Kopp Education Writer from Western Australia (Seven West Media) and Michelle Rayner, ABC Hindsight Program, for sharing in great discussion. We look forward to presenting another webinar on a different education-related theme in 2020 – watch this space. Meanwhile, you can still access the recent webinar, by way of purchasing a recording from AMaGA.

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