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We want your feedback!

This quick, 10 question survey is designed to get feedback from members, non-members and lapsed, about a few things – professional learning opportunities, network name changes and more! Please complete it by midday on Friday August 23 (its open for four weeks only) and share around your workplace to other museum educators (you don’t have to be a member to complete it!)

Do you want to join our committee?

In response to the recent Indigenous Road Map, the Education Network committee have created a position on our committee, titled ‘Indigenous Representative’. Whilst we very much look forward to the day where there is no need for an identified position as such, we believe that at least one indigenous voice on our committee would help us on the journey to ensure we are an inclusive, culturally diverse body that represents the whole of our museum education industry and the land on which we work. If you identify as indigenous and you work in a museum/gallery/arts/library setting in public programming, engagement or education, please send an email to before August 30. If you know of someone who would benefit from hearing about this opportunity, please let them know.

Indigenous Road Map

Have you read the Indigenous Road Map, commissioned by AMaGA? Are you wondering how to implement this valuable learning tool in your museum community? Click through the link to download this 40 page document, delivered by Terri Janke and Company, and start discussing it with your colleagues.

First Peoples: A Road Map for Enhancing Indigenous Engagement in Museums and Galleries, is now being discussed by the national council and network heads, as we begin to think about the actions we will take to make positive changes in our industry to reflect the findings of the road map.

Take the time to read it and if you wish to make a contribution to the discussion currently taking place, make contact with your colleagues in the local network, or branch.

With thanks,

Samantha Rutter
President, AMaGA Education Network

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