Building Relations With Schools

Building Relations With Schools 1: Teachers: how to get them to book excursions. Summer Howarth (Education Changemakers)

Summer Howarth (Education Changemakers) introduces the MAEd New PD Building Relations With Schools, held at the Windsor Courthouse on 7 September 2015. To build ongoing relations with students and teachers we should be telling love stories about our sites, working with teachers as co educators; delivering the Wow!; providing a place where student voices can be heard and amplified; where they can remember how good we made them fee by creating a place of magic.

Building Relations With Schools 2 Online projects and promotions

Using digital strategies (websites, apps, teleconferencing, social media) to connect with school audiences – what works, what doesn’t work.

Building Relations With Schools 3 On site projects and promotions

Jo Henwood (MAEd New), representing Nikki Bodel (Taronga Zoo) provides some general guideline for coming up with ideas for projects that can be delivered on a heritage site which can then be promoted. Summer Howarth (Education Changemakers) shares principles of the process of idea generation.


Building Relations With Schools 4 Offsite Projects and Promotions Leeanne Carr (AGNSW)

Leeanne Carr (AGNSW) on the bank of the Hawkesbury River, Windsor, facilitated some small group idea generation on the creation of projects that would connect school groups with a site they were not able to physically visit.

Building Relations With Schools 5 Publications Edwina Hill (Campbelltown Arts Centre)

Edwina Hill (Campbelltown Arts Centre) at St Matthew’s Cemetery Windsor, provided examples of various publications which could be used within education programs and to promote them, stimulating other ideas from various heritage sites.

Building Relations With Schools 6 Preservice teachers Karl Van Dyke (Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University)

Karl Van Dyke (Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University) at Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery, outlines strategies for engaging preservice and early career teachers so that they want to make bookings for excursions.

Using Museum Theatre Marcus Holden (Fiddlers Festival) Making music

Marcus Holden, (Fiddlers Festival), at the Asiatic dormitory of Q Station, demonstrating how to make music wherever you go, with minimal props and maximum fun.

The Museums Australia Education Committee wish to express their thanks and appreciation to  Jo Henwood for putting together these videos to share these workshops. Thank you Jo. 

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