Message Sent Isn’t Message Received

Message Sent Isn’t Message Received: 1 Recalling Content (Video)

IMAGE (Museums and Galleries Education, the ACT Branch of Museums Australia Education) hosted a professional development day for museum educators at the National Museum of Australia on Monday 9 November 2015. Roslyn Hull, IMAGE President, introduced presenter Jo Henwood from MAEd New (Museums Australia Education NSW). In this first session of the topic “Message Sent Isn’t Message Received” Jo spoke about the taxonomy of thinking skills, an information processing model as a template for what can be achieved during an education program. Jo started with strategies that can be used for the lower order thinking skills of remembering content and how we can assess that within museum programs.


Message Sent Isn’t Message Received 2 Comprehending Processes (Video)

Looking at how we can assess how much students understand different processes: how the concepts we teach them are related and the cognitive and motor skills for demonstrating their comprehension. In doing this we need to differentiate our strategies to meet the understanding of audiences who are diverse by nature of culture, cognitive ability and learning style.

Message Sent 3 Solving Problems (Video)

Higher order thinking skills, incorporating all levels of thinking, are engaged in creative problem solving projects. These projects can also develop collaborative and autonomous learning skills, as well as resulting in an assessable product, which can be used to boost learner self esteem. Some creative thinking strategies are described.

Message Sent 4 Communicating Solutions (Video)

Once a group have worked out a solution to the challenge they need to be able to communicate it. This requires more higher order thinking skills and collaborative learning strategies.

The Museums Australia Education Committee wish to express their thanks and appreciation to  Jo Henwood for putting together these videos to share these workshops. Thank you Jo. 

Message 3

One response to “Message Sent Isn’t Message Received


    Thank you for sending this great session through and making it available for those of us who could not attend.

    Is it at all possible to get a copy of the power point Jo used. I ask because it’s very difficult to see or read the words through Vimeo.

    Kind regards



    Deborah Sulway Manager, Learning 18 King George Terrace Parkes ACT 2600 Australia PO Box 3934, Manuka ACT 2903 Phone: (02) 6270 8178 Email:








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