Brain Based Learning: Thinking About Thinking

By Jo Henwood

Museum Educator professional development day run Friday 26 June 2015 at Macquarie University Museums with Denise Wood, Course Director, Smart Learning, Charles Sturt University

• The neuroscience of how we learn
• Differentiation
• Decision making
• Creativity

BBL1 Neuroscience of Learning

BBL2 Differentiation

BBL 3 Decision Making

Decision making is one of the skills of an autonomous learner, a key objective for all educators. It is relevant not just for the education program we deliver but as a lifelong skill. There are opportunities for critical thinking which can be rehearsed within education programs.

BBL 4 Creativity

Creativity covers all the areas of problem solving and occurs every day of our lives. Denise Wood covers various theories of creativity as a higher order thinking skill.

Jo Henwood

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