MAEd NEW PD: History Not Horrible

History Not Horrible 1 Welcome

History Not Horrible 2 What teachers want from history excursions

Dr Louise Zarmati on 20 September 2014 at the Naval Store in Cockatoo Island led us through some of her key discoveries in her PhD on education programs at Australian heritage sites, from constructivism, to volunteers, to forming a professional association, but focusing on what teachers and students want..

History Not Horrible 3 Site Studies

Julie Regalado (Q Station) leads us through the guiding principles of constructing a Site Study by involving us in an investigation of Cockatoo Island as we stand at Biloela House near the Aboriginal Murals.

History Not Horrible 4 Aboriginal History

Tracey Skinner, Aboriginal Head Guide for Sydney Learning Adventures, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, talked us through the guiding principles of creating education programs on Aboriginal History at the naval Store on Cockatoo Island

History Not Horrible 5 Primary Sources

Gaye Braiding (NSW Schoolhouse Museum) in the Convict Barracks of Cockatoo Island, follows the story of a girl named Ada, incarcerated here when it was a Reformatory, using primary sources.

History Not Horrible 6 Historical Thinking

Jeff Fletcher, of the National Maritime Museum, in the Convict Barracks of Cockatoo Island, discussed Historical Thinking in light of our shared experiences though the MAEd New training day.

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