MAEd NEW PD: Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links 1 Welcome

Gaye Braiding welcomes MAEd New to the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education with an overview of the history of education in NSW generally and of this schoolhouse in particular, concluding with an Acknowledgement of Country. Term 2 MAEd New Professional Development Day Saturday 21 June 2014.

Curriculum Links 2 Performing Arts

John Saunders of the Sydney Theatre Company harvests Drama and the Creative Arts for cross curricular applications. Concentrating on the opportunities drama provides for empathy John explores a range of specific drama strategies that can be used across the curriculum, particularly history.

Curriculum Links 3 Asian Perspective

Fabienne Virago of Sydney Living Museums (Historic Houses Trust of NSW) developed her expertise in the Asian Perspective through their exhibiton Celestial City about Chinese people and culture in Australia. She narrates the process of working with curators in creating exhibitions that integrate curriculum-linked educational content with a summary of guiding principles.

Curriculum Links 4 Environmental Science Sustainability Perspective

Pat Spiers of the Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre synthesises two topics: Environmental Sciences and the Sustainability Perspective. He explores uses of technology, experiential learning and cross curricular outcomes.

Curriculum Links 5 Science

Karen Player outlines how the Australian Museum is adapting their education programs to relate to the NSW Science Curriculum, including tagging curriculum links on their education program webpage and their teachers advisory group.

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